A Canon 7D, Politics, and Beer

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Before I write any of this I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with any specific political party or candidate. I did this for the money and the experience. Ok, now to my weekend…

With my new 7D and Pelican case I was more than enthusiastic for the weekend trip with Dave Ogden. He is a producer/director and a good friend. This weekend we attended the 6th Annual Western Maryland Democratic Summit. Our goals were simple; get pictures and video/audio clips of Andrew Duck and meet as many people as possible. The 7D came in very handy as I was able to get pictures and video all with the same camera and in professional quality.

Friday night was a meet and greet where Dave and I were able to get comfortable with our client and his team. We went over the venue and the time of all the events. Saturday started early with a 7:30AM meet. We were able to get a layout of the hotel’s conference rooms and confirmed the poor lighting. Unfortunately, my new rig only includes the kit lens with a f-stop of 3.5. Some how that was enough to make the footage and pictures usable (anyone with suggestions for my next lens please comment). I think my next lens will have a f-stop of at least 2.8. This weekend I was also using a custom color profile. Settings are as followed:

Sharpness 0
Contrast -4
Saturation -2
Color Tone 0

The color profile also helped with the poor lighing. Along with the above settings I set my white balance by choosing the color temperature. This is a very powerful tool and I suggest anyone who hasn’t used it to use it. It is faster than custom white balance and more accurate than auto white balance (and it won’t continue to search or change WB). I shot at 1920×1080 24fps. Shutter was at 50 and ISO changed depending on where I was in the room. I will post some of the test footage very soon.

Dave and I made a good impression thanks to the amazing commercial spots our editor, Dennis Zimmerman, created. After some small changes are made I will post a link. His Youtube page is http://www.youtube.com/user/DZPrimetime .

Overall it was a productive meeting and I was able to meet a lot of people that will hopefully be future clients. The 7D worked amazingly and I am looking forward to getting some faster glass, a field monitor, and a hand held rig. This week I will be using the 7D with a teleprompter for a NASA video so be sure to look out for my next post.

-Rob Ruscher

The Political Commercials (Two 10 second spots and two 30 second spots)

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