An Evening in DC with the Canon 7D

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After all the crappy weather I was able to finally play with the 7D on my own terms. I wish I was able to do this before a shoot at work but oh well. After a lot of reading on the internet (mainly I decided to go with the ‘ultra flat’ color profile. It was hyped up and people seemed to be happy with it. These settings had everything turned all the way down and left the color tone in the middle at 0. Using only LCD screen as my monitor, this set up did not work at all.
I would say that close to 90% of my footage looked over exposed even though it seemed perfect and at times underexposed at times while shooting. This was a good practice for me in post production and color grading but would not cut it for a paid gig. I figured my next purchase would be some very good glass (lenses) but I am thinking it may be a smart idea to look into a monitor. After all, there are local places that I can rent Canon L series lenses for close to nothing (compared to buying them).
I saw a monitor at for about $250 and the reviews seem to be very good. Anyone with reviews I would greatly appreciate it. So anyways back to the random shooting…
With my camera packed in my Pelican case, which is amazing by the way, I was on the Metro and headed to DC. On the way I was thinking of different shots I could do to put together some test footage. The last thing I wanted was flowers, a baby, or boring animals. I wanted to get some friends together and put some clips together to make a short sequence. My friend Susi was nice enough to go along with it. I am hoping next time I can get more of my friends in front of the camera to make something a little more interesting. DC gives a DP a lot of options and it opens the door to various ideas as long as you keep your equipment load down. For now, everyone thinks you are just taking pictures. So with a couple hours of shooting I headed home to look at the footage.
I was shocked that it turned out the way it did, in a bad way. Although the pictures I shot in RAW looked pretty good.

It only motivates me to shoot more and to try various settings until I get the look I want. I converted the footage to Pro Res 422 using Final Cut’s log and transfer. After putting the clips in a sequence to Explosions in the Sky, I sent it to color and tweaked with it a little bit. Sent it back to FCP and exported and then compressed to the Compressors Youtube setting. Here is what turned out…

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