Canon C100 vs Canon 7D

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Canon C100 vs Canon 7D

After hearing a lot of talk on the C100, we wanted to try it out for ourselves. We used it on a shoot and it worked great but I kept wanting to know, how much better is the image on the C100 over a 7D or 5D.

We used two identical Sigma 30mm 1.4 lenses on each camera and attached the 7D on top of the C100. Here’s what we got. One thing to note is these cameras have different sensors. If we used the same exact settings, one of the cameras wouldn’t have been properly exposed. We also didn’t want to use a Fader ND on the 7D because it tends to soften the image. This is a reason why I did show the strength of an internal ND. Something that the C100 offers but not DSLR. Yes, it does cause the DOF to change, but this is merely to show the difference between the cameras.

For the C100 we used the Weed_log profile. People seem to love it and we got great results on a recent shoot with it….. For the 7D, I used a custom flat profile. Neutral, Sharpness 0, Contrast -3, Saturation -2 and Color Tone 0.

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