I specialize in companies that have a story to tell or a problem to solve and want to use video as their tool for the job. Whether it is a mini documentary, commercial or promotional video, I want to tell your story through the art of video and connect to your audience on a human level. No more boring sales videos or corny infomercials. I look for ways to move, inspire and connect. 

With my expertise in gear and cameras, I am are able to pick the tools that will best tell your story and accomplish all your goals for video.

Each project is unique with it’s own needs.  I listen to what you are looking for, your goals and your budget. I am able to organize the perfect crew size and produce videos that will help spread your brand and grow your business.

I’d love to hear about your project.  Please call ma at 301-717-7065 or email me at Rob@RuscherVisuals.com