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This is a passion project that Director Chris Jurchak asked me to be a part of. Check out the official Five/Five website for more information on the documentary.

I was proud to be the cinematographer on this and happy to share it with you. I chose to shoot with the Sony FS700 due to my knowledge of the camera, picture profiles, and the rigging I had available for handheld work. I used the Tilta rig to achieve all the handheld shots.

University of MD Baseball – 522 Productions

This is a video from 522 Productions. We were assigned to make a promotional video for the University of Maryland Baseball team. I was one of the camera operators. I used a Sony FS700 and Canon 7D. Directed and edited by Phil Wolf.

A Night in Old Town

As I got into my training with Steadicam, I asked Chris Jurchak if he wanted to put together a short video over a weekend. We put together a few locations in Old Town, called my friend Nour (actress) and shot this. I used the Steadicam Pilot and Canon 7D with a few lenses. Chris was the editor on this.

Children’s National Diabetes Center – 522 Productions

This was a 522 Productions project. I was responsible for the cinematography of this piece. We followed Evan around for a day to document his struggles with diabetes and how Children’s National helps. It is also used to promote the National Diabetes Care Complex. I used the Canon C100 for this piece. Directed and edited by Chris Jurchak.

Kristin and David

I was lucky enough to shoot the wedding of Kristin and David. I can honestly say they have been my favorite client to work for of all time. They moved a few things in the ceremony just to ensure me the best shots. The initial meet up only made me more enthusiastic about the wedding and about making a highlight video.

There was a lot going on during the wedding and I needed a second shooter. I brought along David Banks and he did a really good job. Great attitude, fun to work with and constantly shooting until the end of the day.

Their wedding was so much fun and matched their personalities perfectly. Hope you enjoy the trailer I put together. Feel free to comment.

Ikan LED Light Kit First Impression

As I have said before on my Twitter account, I am going to be focusing a lot on lighting. Lighting and lenses are going to be my biggest investment to future proof my equipment list and to be able to use with different cameras. Well yesterday I received a custom light kit from Ikan.

Wow. Really. I mean wow. I fell in love with LED lighting ever since I shot with Litepanels. Soft, daylight balanced, and easy/quick to setup. But the price was not justified for my projects. I saw Ikan was doing big things and wanted to know more about their lights. After talking with them for a couple weeks I came up with what I thought would be perfect for my projects and they agreed.

The video explains it all but basically I wanted a 1k and 2 500 LED kit. Well I got it and I love it. For the video I used just one of the 500s for a key. For a one light fill I think it did a great job. Looking forward to using all 3 for a shoot this weekend.

This video just goes over my first impressions and will post a new one next week after using it. After that, I will do a gaffer’s kit video where I will light with them. Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

Two Political Spots in One Day

A few weeks back I got a call from Dave Ogden about a project he was hired on. It was for two political spots to be aired nationally. Figured it would be a simple lock off interview style with some b-roll. The next thing I remember is Dave asking if I could rent a slider and get a second shooter. Game time! Read more

Working with the Glidecam

For the past month I’ve been working with the Glidecam and I love it. I saw footage of it online and kept thinking how cool it would be to be able to do that in my videos. Read more

Canon Filmmakers Live in DC

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the event. I already followed Jon, Cristina and Philip on Twitter and really liked the work they would post online. All of them have so much talent and information to share. It was a good chance for me to expand my knowledge on DSLRs and a great way to network with professionals in my area. Read more

SPKSMEN 2011 Look Book Video

The city, fashion, and making videos are just a few things I enjoy in life and it was a lot of fun to tie these three together. A friend from college started a DC based clothing line, Spksmen, and wanted a video look book to help promote the new company. Read more