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2014 NAB Debrief

There were a lot of cool things going on at NAB this year. 4K cameras, LED lights, and gimbal-based rigs were everywhere! Beyond the gear, it was reported that over 98,000 people registered for the event! That’s pretty crazy and made for a fun a week. With so much cool gear there, I decided to do a quick debrief on my favorites. Read more

Video Overview and Shot Examples of the Benro S4 Monopod

For a while the only option for a video monopod was the Manfrotto version. Before I dive into this post I want to say I have nothing against Manfrotto or their monopod. Although, I have heard several complaints about it getting very sticky and making noise after a few months of use. I found out about Benro from an ad on the Planet 5D side bar and was very curious to know more. When I saw they were only $200 for a video head with flip lock legs, I knew I had to get one. Read more


For the past two years I have been training with the Glidecam and recently, I have been investing my time and money to master the art of the Steadicam. The reason is to continue growing in this field and to add more value to the 522 Creative Team. Although the Glidecam is a great tool, it does not compare to a full Steadicam rig. Read more

What’s Cool: ikan D5w Monitor *Video Update*

I’ve had the opportunity to use and abuse the ikan D5w monitor and I absolutely love it. It’s well made, can use a wide range of batteries and has a ton of great features. Read more

What’s Cool: ikan Handheld Rig

Finding a good handheld rig that fits your budget and will last is not an easy task. With all the new cameras coming out, it is a good idea to find one that is will work with different platforms and easy to add on to. Being able to use the rig on a tripod is also a huge plus.
Read more

Sony FS700

There’s a lot of good posts out there with tons of information so I won’t bore you/repeat what is already out there. All you need to know is that this camera is awesome and has a ton of capabilities. I was able to have it all weekend and decided to have some fun with it. Although the video I am sharing is just showing off the slow motion capabilities, this camera also does an amazing job at standard 24fps. Throw a PL mount and a prime lens on there, like I did this week, and you’ll get some amazing results. Read more

A Gear Partner for Life

Crazy title right? I know. Sounds so serious and so permanent. Don’t fear, this post isn’t serious, I just want to talk about making long term decisions related to a video production career. Especially related to equipment. Read more

Why I am Starting to Love FCP X ***Updated***

Many of you are probably laughing at this title, and to be honest I still don’t believe that I like editing with Final Cut Pro X. It looks like iMovie and the workflow is totally different. But I continued reading about it and watched some great tutorials from Chip Dizard over at Web Video Chefs (click here to see the webinar). It got me more curious and a few days later I am here. Read more

What’s Cool – Ikan Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit

iPads are being used more and more in video production and Ikan is making some awesome products that go with this trend. I was lucky enough to get a new teleprompter both hardware and software from Ikan. Awesome piece of equipment and recommend it to anyone doing teleprompter work and those with very quick set up and break down times. Read more

What’s Cool – The Ikan iLED-One Light

I usually test out new gear a few times before using it on a paid gig but on my last shoot I had to break that rule. I was shooting some shop safety videos for MetaMedia and had the Ikan ID 500 LED light which does a great job but with all the shadows and sharp edges of a sheet metal factory, I needed some extra fill in certain places. Read more