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Creating Daylight with the Hive Lighting Wasp

High output, daylight balanced, lights are something I can always use onset. The problem with using tungsten lights is how much power you lose once putting on a full CTB gel to convert them to daylight. HMIs are great for this but the problem is how expensive they are. I was lucky enough to try out a plasma light from Hive Lighting and I was completely blown away. Read more

Using the Kessler Pocket Jib for FlytRight

What I love about doing commercial work is the creative freedom you have. What’s better is when working with a talented director you trust so as a Cinematographer, you only have to focus on getting the best shots possible. Part of getting the best shots is having the right tools onset. We used the Kessler Pocket Jib on a recent shoot and I want to share my experiences with it. Read more

First Test with Canon C300 on Green Screen

Different cameras, sensors, picture profiles, and settings all factor into the image that is being recorded. The Canon C300 has a lot of flexibility and a ton of ways to get the exact image you want out of a camera. I’ve been currently testing out profiles for green screen shooting and here are my results after my first test. Read more

Dracast LED Panel Review

I was lucky enough to get a Dracast LED panel to evaluate and I was extremely pleased with the build quality and results of the light. In this post I’ll be reviewing color temperature, build quality and run time. Read on to see the results and my overall thoughts of the light panel. Read more

Pull Focus Wirelessly with the PD1: Remote Air One

If you’re looking to add dynamic shots for your next project and a way to do more with a jib, steadicam, and even slider, a wireless follow focus could be the tool for you. I had the opportunity to test out the PD1 from ikan and was pretty impressed with the quick setup and simple design. Read more

Smooth Pans and Tilts with the E-Image GH15 Tripod

A piece in every cameraman’s (and camera woman’s) kit that can’t be compromised is a solid tripod. I heard that when I first started in the field, but went the affordable route and found myself buying a second tripod that same year, and then renting another one on bigger projects with heavier cameras. Don’t do what I did. Save your money, get a great tripod that will outlast your cameras and one that can work with a variety of rigs. I finally did that, and got the E-Image GH15 tripod from ikan. Read more

How and Why I Chose the Canon C300

Since 2009 I’ve owned the Canon 7D and that has always been my go to camera. For a while, it seemed as it was everyone’s go to video camera. And why wouldn’t it be? Great image, countless lensing options, and extremely portable. However, technology keeps improving and there is better out there. Not to mention I was constantly renting bigger and ‘better’ cameras for almost every project. I knew it was time to buy a new camera and it took me a while before I settled on the Canon C300. But how, or even why, did I choose that camera? Let me tell you. Read more

Need an Outdoor Monitor? Check Out The ikan MD7

When prepping for a shoot the one thing that I always want on hand is a trusted field monitor. Something that works with any camera, can handle abuse in the field and that can be used for a variety of applications. A 7″ screen is perfect for pulling focus, for a director to use and even to hand off to your client. ikan has come out with an awesome monitor that does all of this plus offers a high bright output that allows you to view outdoors without using a hood.
Read more

Rokinon Cine Lens Sharpening Test

As the title states, this is a test on the Rokinon Cine Lenses. In this specific test I am only looking at sharpness. I shot at wide open, f/2.8 f/5.6. It was an unbiased test to see how these lenses looked at certain apertures so I know what to expect when using them in the field. Read more


In part 2 of the FLolight fluorescent test I wanted to test skin tones in a simple interview setup. Similar to my whiteboard test in part 1, I wanted to only adjust iris, white balance, and the bulbs themselves. Read more