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Using the Kessler Pocket Jib for FlytRight

What I love about doing commercial work is the creative freedom you have. What’s better is when working with a talented director you trust so as a Cinematographer, you only have to focus on getting the best shots possible. Part of getting the best shots is having the right tools onset. We used the Kessler Pocket Jib on a recent shoot and I want to share my experiences with it. Read more

Where Are You Bobby Browning? – My Next Feature Film

Very excited to announce that I will be shooting my next feature this October! What is especially exciting is that the crew will be mostly the same as Crossing Streets, including director Marc Hutchins. It is a great script, with a solid cast and I am honored to be chosen as the Director of Photography. Read more

Using a Book Light for a Super Soft Key

“Hey Rob you wanna DP for me? We’re shooting a commercial for a truck liner company and need to shoot it in the back of a semi truck.” That was the call I got from Sean at 323 Productions and although I’ve never lit in the back of a semi, I was up for the challenge. In this post I want to break down my lighting setup, give credit to the idea, and share the results. Read more

Soundshape Promo – Another Teaser for Impact

A while back I posted a teaser for the mini doc Impact. While following Kyle around we got to see him teach an amazing event called Sound Shape. Wasn’t sure what to expect but glad we were there to capture him in his moment. Read more

Crossing Streets Has Wrapped Principal Photography!

The entire month of March, and then some, was completely consumed by Crossing Streets, a feature film shot in Roanoke, VA. I was so thankful for all the support I received and as it was my first feature as a Director of Photography, I needed it. It was hard to answer all the questions I got while filming so I wanted to write a post summarizing my experiences and the things that I learned. Read more

Crossing Streets (feature film) Has Chosen Their DP

I am extremely excited to announce that I have been hired as the Director of Photography for Crossing Streets, a feature film which takes place in Roanoke, VA. The filming will be done all in March, Monday through Saturday. We have a great crew and some cool gear to complete the film. Read more

Lighting an Interview On a Budget

In my most recent documentary, Impact, we wanted to go for a very natural and positive look. As most of you know, it is sometimes harder to make an interview look ‘natural.’ It soon becomes a question on how to cut and shape light vs adding it. In this post, I’m going to break down our process. Read more

Why and How I Chose the Red Scarlet for Impact

It is always a (heated) question of what camera to choose. Sometimes you are limited to time and budget and you are forced to shoot with what you own. Read more


For the past two years I have been training with the Glidecam and recently, I have been investing my time and money to master the art of the Steadicam. The reason is to continue growing in this field and to add more value to the 522 Creative Team. Although the Glidecam is a great tool, it does not compare to a full Steadicam rig. Read more

A Closer Look Into SPKSMEN

A year ago I shot a video for Jon at Spksmen and this time he wanted to shoot a different type of promo video. A two location shoot which included his artist sketching up the design for the newest hoodie and shots of the new hoodies being printed. Not sure if this paragraph includes the correct terminology, but I’m a video guy :) Read more