Crossing Streets (feature film) Has Chosen Their DP

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Crossing Streets (feature film) Has Chosen Their DP

I am extremely excited to announce that I have been hired as the Director of Photography for Crossing Streets, a feature film which takes place in Roanoke, VA. The filming will be done all in March, Monday through Saturday. We have a great crew and some cool gear to complete the film.

Crossing Streets is being produced by Alexander Films. I will do my best to post on my Instagram account pictures of BTS and whatever else I can find time for.

The Story

All I can say now is that this is a buddy cop drama. A hard ass detective that no one really likes gets teamed up with the local pastor (who everyone loves) to solve a crime and stop a gang war from happening and destroying the community.

It revolves around an actual community center called Straight Street and all proceeds will go to that non profit. A great cause makes this even more rewarding.

I’ve read the script several times and absolutely love the characters and the plot. There’s chase scenes (both on foot and in a car), shootings, tension and even a little humor. My passion has been at an all time high recently and looking forward to putting it all in this project. You can find out more by visiting the Crossing Streets Facebook Page.

The Gear

You think I’d forget to tell you about the gear!? What we have is the Red Scarlet, Rokinon Cinema Primes (along with a few others), car rigs, sliders, handheld setups, and a complete audio kit with a very talented audio recordist. What will really make this film stand out is the lighting kit. We have a full truck loaded with 1ks, 2ks, fresnels, LEDs, flags, silks… you name it, we got it. The Red is a beautiful camera but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the lights. “A movie without light is radio.”

My Vision

Now I can’t get too into this just yet but I will say my mood board is full of screen shots from Homeland, Breaking Bad, True Detective and Castle. I have the next 2 weeks to work with the director and nail down our look and feel. Next week I will finally see all the locations before filming and after that we will have our style.

Thank You!

I wanted to thank all of you that have helped me through my career and continue to push me. I have a loving and supporting wife that I owe everything to. From making me homemade to granola bars, to putting up with me talking about lighting while watching TV, to making sure work doesn’t consume, she makes it all possible.

Along with my wife I want to thank my parents who have always been supportive of me and this crazy thing we call a job. Everyone at 522 Productions who have taught me so much when I worked there and helped me pursue my dreams. MetaMedia Training International where I started as an intern and grew into a camera operator. A special thanks to the crew of Five/Five which made a lot of things possible; Director Chris Jurchak who had the vision and gave me the creative freedom to get the shots he needed, my AC Andy Morris who always has my back and makes sure I have everything I need to get the job done, Gaffer Anthony Jacoway who did an amazing job lighting and learned a lot from, and our Key Grip Kelsey Peters who has an amazing attitude and work ethic.

I am truly grateful for everyone I’ve met (both in person and social media) and honored to be chosen as the Director of Photography for this film


  1. Chip Dizard
    February 26, 2014

    So proud of what you have done Rob. I know the shots, the film will be great just because I know your work ethic and attention to detail.


    • Rob Ruscher
      March 3, 2014

      Thanks so much for your support Chip!

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