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A couple weeks ago I helped my good friend Bryan Tosh (@MrTosh1980) organize a DSLR meet in Chinatown, D.C. and it was awesome. Mike Spins (@Mikespins) and Chris Clement (@ChirpCreative) were in town and it was great meeting both of them. So what goes on in a DSLR meet up and why should you go? That’s what this post is about.

Networking, networking and more networking. Now some of you hear networking and immediately think money. That’s not a great way to go about it for this specific meet up. What I liked so much about DSLR in DC is that there was a wide range of skill levels and knowledge that came out. From newbies to 10+ years of practice and those in the middle. Each with their own specialization and knowledge. Seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves which makes me want to do this again real soon.

The biggest thing I took from this meet up was just learning from talking with others. I gave my opinions on certain topics (gear was a big topic and how much is needed vs not needing any) and heard from others. It is great to listen to others stories and learn from their mistakes. Connecting with others in your local area is nothing but great, in my opinion. I know there are some out there that think the field is too competitive for things like this but they won’t last long (in my humble opinion). Great video productions takes a team. No doubt one can do a lot on their own but not for every project. Meeting new people in your area gives you the chance to meet possible future crew members. I talked to the people around me and was able to see what they liked to do most and what projects they want to be working on. I do a wide variety of projects and I’m always looking for a passionate crew to help. It was a great time but there are some things I would like to do differently.

We ended up with about 15 people total which is great. But sitting in the same seat the entire night limited my conversation to those next to me. Next time I want to have us switch seats throughout the night or change locations a couple times so everyone has a chance to talk to everyone. The rain ruined it this time, but next time I want the meet to start outside. Take our cameras and shoot the surrounding area. This will allow us to try out a new lens or even gear depending on what others bring. And, most importantly, I think it would be fun. Bryan even had the idea to go in with a project and we could all help produce it. I have some ideas for that as well :).

To those who joined please email me so I can get a list together for future meet ups (I would like to do another one in June). If you have any suggestions or ways to make these better please comment here or email me. Doing meet ups like this will only make you better as a filmmaker and gives us a (free) chance to learn more and meet others. All comments, both good and bad, are welcome. Hope to see you next time!

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