Different cameras, sensors, picture profiles, and settings all factor into the image that is being recorded. The Canon C300 has a lot of flexibility and a ton of ways to get the exact image you want out of a camera. I’ve been currently testing out profiles for green screen shooting and here are my results after my first test.


I have clients that request green screen interviews and even scenarios that don’t have the budget/time to be color graded. They need a clean and sharp image that is easily keyed and no color correction. A quick boost of contrast and saturation is about it. So please note if you are looking for the most information in your images, I recommend using CLog. However, not every client wants this flexibility and what they want is a ready to go image.

Results from Different Profiles

Here’s a quick video showing the raw files that were then keyed and quickly graded.

What I learned

I realized that I need to keep every light the same color temperature. It caused some skin tone issues that I was able to fix, but took a little time. My background is using the Sony EX3 and lighting everything with Kinos. Daylight bulbs on the green screen and mixed bulbs on the talent. I did not have all the needed resources at the time. What I used was daylight bulbs on the screen and a 1K open face with 1/2 CTB bounced off a white board for the key.

The waveform is a little tricky on the C300 and each profile (specific to the Gamma Curve) has a certain way to optimize your levels. For example, in CLOG I keep highlights between 60-70 IRE vs 100 IRE. This takes time and practice and hence the testing of a specific type of project I often do.

Next time I will keep everything the same color temperature whether that means tungsten or daylight. Depends on what I am provided and what I can rent for the project. I was actually surprised by the EOS Standard Profile. For such a crushed image, I was able to get a lot of information back and smooth it out. Currently, I am working on a custom profile for green screen which I will share once it is ready. Lowering the contrast and saturation will be where I start and then look into each parameter.