First Time With the Epic HD

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First Time With the Epic HD

I am teaming up with Allegheny Cyclery, a local bike shop, to bring some cool videos highlighting their shop, the amazing spots to ride in the area and the fact that they now carry Pivot Cycles. The first video we are putting together is the one advertising Pivot Cycles and I couldn’t be more excited about it (Especially since I have one!). Can’t say more than that but as soon as it stops raining we should start shooting. For now, I wanted to talk about the Epic HD Helmet Cam.

Warning: These next two paragraphs get technical. If you aren’t interested in all that skip these two 🙂

When I posted using this on Twitter the immediate question was “is it better than the Go Pro?” Now before I answer that let me give you all a quick overview of this camera. It puts out 1280 x 720 at 30 FPS with the option of 4X digital zoom. The camera angle is 168 degrees which is pretty wide. It has a long list of accessories including a monitor that plugs in via USB. I like this feature and all though I have not used it, I think it would be easier to mount and check your shot without it being connected to the back of the camera. You do have the option to shoot in 720×480 and 640×480 if you want. It records on to an SD card as an MP4 and compressed using H.264. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which is ok, but id rather have an internal battery. For $280 you get the camera, 3 batteries, a strap mount, adhesive mount and elbow mount.

To quickly compare the Go Pro 1920×1080 at 30 FPS, 1280×960 at 30 FPS or 60 FPS which is huge. Allows you to easily slow down footage by converting it to 30 FPS or even 24 FPS in post. Seeing as I shoot with the 7D, this makes it very easy for them to get along in the same sequence. The lens has a 127 degree angle of view in full HD mode with the option to shoot at an ultra wide angle at 170 degrees but it must be down converted. For $260 you get the Go Pro, rechargeable battery, waterproof housing, adhesive mount, quick release buckle, some cables and a one year warranty,

What does all this mean? On paper the Go Pro seems to be a little better. I have only used it once so I cant accurately compare. The prices are pretty even and with the Go Pro offering full HD with an option to shoot in 60 FPS, it looks to be the winner. Be warned though; if you don’t plan on spending another $80 on a monitor, the menu system is very hard to navigate seeing as there is no screen. The Epic seems to have an advantage when it comes to easy usage. It took me no time to dial in the settings and start recording. For those looking for a fun helmet camera to play with, this could be the one.

Overall I like the Epic HD and hoping to use it in the upcoming videos. Here is some test footage from the first time I used it. Will be working on getting better angles for the real thing. Not knowing what you are getting is a bit stressful so for the real shoot I will be sure to bring my laptop to check my shots after each trail section.


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