In part 2 of the FLolight fluorescent test I wanted to test skin tones in a simple interview setup. Similar to my whiteboard test in part 1, I wanted to only adjust iris, white balance, and the bulbs themselves.


To get a better idea of how I did the test, let me layout the setup.

Camera was the Canon 7D and paired with the Sigma 17-50 f/2.8. I was shooting at 1/50 shutter and 320 ISO. I adjusted my iris until my meter read 0. The color profile was a custom profile that I use often (no special reason for using this on the test other than it is my go to profile). For Canon DSLR users, here’s the profile:

  • Faithful
  • Sharpness 0
  • Contrast -2
  • Saturation -2
  • Color Tone 0

    The light was 6ft away from the subject and slightly to the left of the camera. The camera was 6ft away and zoomed in until I was framed head to chest. 100% refers to the dimmer all the way up while 1% refers to the dimmer all the way down. A nice feature of these is that you can dim them all the way down without turning off. My iris went from a f/5 at 100% to an f/2.8 at 1%. However, there was a bit of a color shift as you will see below. Mixed bulbs (or surf and turf as I like to call it) means 2 of each color, laid out every other bank [Blue, orange, blue, orange]. These are the Flolight brand bulbs. There may be a difference with the Kino brand bulbs but I have not tested those yet. There was no diffusion or gels in front of the light. Just opened face with the barn doors spread all the way open.

    Take a look at the results.

    Daylight 100%

    Daylight 100_P

    My Favorite for Daylight at 100%


    Daylight 1%

    Daylight 1_P

    My Favorite for Daylight at 1%


    Tungsten 100%

    Tungsten 100_P

    My Favorite for Tungsten at 100%

    Tungsten 100_Custom WB

    Tungsten 1%

    Tungsten 1_P

    My Favorite for Tungsten at 1%


    Surf and Turf 100%

    Surf and Turf 100_P

    My Favorite for Surf and Turf at 100%

    Surf and Turf 100_4000K

    Surf and Turf 1%

    Surf and Turf 1_P

    My Favorite for Surf and Turf at 1%

    Surf an Turf_1_4000k


    Overall these lights will work out great for office broll and interviews. Knowing which settings give me certain results will help get the look I want. These results also show that an 1/8 and 1/4 minus green gel may help a lot, especially when using all daylight bulbs.

    Beyond the color, I was also impressed with the softness this light produces with out any diffusion. It will make for a perfect interview key light, especially when in small spaces.

    After looking at all the results I chose my 4 favorites. Here they are below.
    4 Favotites

    So what do you think? Which is your favorite? Would you use these lights on set? Why or why not?


    1. Will
      May 8, 2014

      So this test was with one 220-AW?

      The softness is amazing. I have several LED Flolights and the one gripe I have is it’s so harsh.

      Thanks for publishing the test. Really helps.

      • Rob Ruscher
        May 8, 2014

        Thanks Will. Glad you got something out of it. Yes, it is just the 220-AW with no diffusion. On an actually shoot I will add opal or 250, but didn’t want anything in front of the bulbs since I was just testing color. I was also very impressed with with softness.


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