Gear Overview Video

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This is a quick video I made to show you what equipment I use. Sorry for the low quality but I didn’t have lights with me. Since no one was operating the camera I had to put the fstop at 5.6… the ISO was boosted to 2000! Audio was mic’d into the camera. Hope this helps for people looking into getting gear. Feel free to contact me if you want a video or review of any specific piece you see here. Be sure to check out my gear page for my full list of gear.


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  1. jessie
    March 14, 2011

    Hey I noticed you said you use a Manfrotto 503 HDV Head and i was wondering what legs you use unless you got the whole system. I use a Canon HV40 because I’m sadly still a college student so money’s tight but i plan on building a rig so I was wondering if you could advice me on a solid tripod. The max id like to spend is $200. Thanks and keep up the good work. These reviews are very insightful


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