Having the perfect tool belt can save you a lot of time on set by quickly getting what you need. Whether it is a screw driver, lens cloth, gloves, tape or even a battery, being able to get these tools with out leaving your DP or Gaffer can be a huge advantage. I want to walk you through my kit and show you how to build one of your own.

Leatherman Multi-Tool

Before you buy anything else, the most important piece of the kit is a Leatherman. You can find them everywhere and there’s a ton to choose from. My recommendation is to get one with locking tools. This will last you a long time so no need to go cheap. I have the Super Tool 300.

With this alone, you will have a lot at your finger tips and it is something you will use on every shoot. Yes, every shoot.

empty tool belt

The Tool Belt/Pouch

There’s a ton of options and depending on the projects you work on you may need a large one or something very small. I went with something on the smaller size because I don’t need too much at hand and I didn’t want to wear something large for 10+ hours. After a lot of online searching I landed at Home Depot and got myself an 8-Pocket Organizer. This has been a perfect size for me to fit everything I need. In addition, I got a separate belt. Reason for this is to quickly take off when not needed.

tools layed out

Tools I Carry

Each job requires different tools depending on cameras and crew size. Even when I DP, I like to have this belt close by because it has what I need and it’s organized. Here is a list of what I carry on a typical shoot:

  • Leathermen
  • Pen
  • Dry Erase Maker (for follow focus markings)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Lens Cloth
  • Lens Blower
  • Gloves (hot light or grip)
  • 2″ Black Gaffers Tape
  • 1″ Blue Camera Paper Tape

Get What Works for You

Once you’ve worked a few times in your role on set, you’ll quickly see what it is you always need and from there you can choose the ideal belt. There’s a lot of options out there so do a little research and find what will best help you do your job. If any of you have built your own post some pictures! Would love to see your setup.