Ikan was the booth I wanted to see first, and I’m glad I did. They got a lot of cool things going on in Houston, including two prototype lights they brought with them to DC for the GV Expo. The first light shown on the video is the ID 1500. This thing kicks some serious (insert your choice of word here). My first thought was an LED version of Kino Flo. I think this may be about right but I’ll let you be the judge. A very long soft throw with an arm that works like the Kino Flo arm makes this one serious light that everyone should be looking at. He also mentioned that it will be bicolored (tungsten and daylight). And one last thing, I could easily pick this up on the stand with one hand and move it. Yeah, this light is awesome.

The Second light Ikan showed me was their new 508. I’ll take 2! It has the same throw as their ID 500 (we tested it side by side) but has an affordable battery option. I have the ID 500 and this will make an amazing addition to that. Extremely light weight, portable and even has the option to power via AC. Great stuff from Ikan.

Side Note: I also played with the follow focus and that thing is amazing! For only $349 you get a complete kit and it feels identical to the Zacuto. Built tough too. I had that rigged to their stealth rig.

Great Stuff Ikan!