Ikan LED Light Kit First Impression

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Ikan LED Light Kit First Impression

As I have said before on my Twitter account, I am going to be focusing a lot on lighting. Lighting and lenses are going to be my biggest investment to future proof my equipment list and to be able to use with different cameras. Well yesterday I received a custom light kit from Ikan.

Wow. Really. I mean wow. I fell in love with LED lighting ever since I shot with Litepanels. Soft, daylight balanced, and easy/quick to setup. But the price was not justified for my projects. I saw Ikan was doing big things and wanted to know more about their lights. After talking with them for a couple weeks I came up with what I thought would be perfect for my projects and they agreed.

The video explains it all but basically I wanted a 1k and 2 500 LED kit. Well I got it and I love it. For the video I used just one of the 500s for a key. For a one light fill I think it did a great job. Looking forward to using all 3 for a shoot this weekend.

This video just goes over my first impressions and will post a new one next week after using it. After that, I will do a gaffer’s kit video where I will light with them. Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

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