You have to love those projects you work on that you absolutely look forward to editing. The story that just comes together and you become glued to the monitor. It’s awesome to be this passionate about anything but be sure to take a break here and there.

Sometimes you end up being a stereotypical computer nerd. Hey it happens. Soda and chips (or your favorite snack) next to your mouse, face lit up by multiple monitors, and ignoring the outside world. Hey, if you have a deadline, do what you have to do but be smart about it. After doing this on many projects I have a few tips on things you can do to not only get away from a project, but to keep the project fresh and allow for new ideas to keep flowing.

Exercise. Time consuming in some ways but this is the best way to stay healthy, relieve stress, and keep you looking good! This isn’t always ideal but something as simple as push ups or even a door gym can get the job done. Another idea is eating away from your computer. Simple enough but doesn’t always happen. Just getting away from the computer can give you a bit of a refresh. What if you are on such a time constraint that you can only think of something else during a render? I am a sucker for poker such as Party Poker. I realize some aren’t fans of gambling but to each their own and it works for me. Other options out there.

These are just a few things I’ve learned from those long edit sessions. Hopefully it’s something that can help you out with your next project. Look out for the next post which will be my view on Magic Bullet Looks!