Instead of Pictures, How About I Make a Video?

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As much as I love the city there is something unique and special about the great outdoors. After you get over the million bug bites, being in the middle of no where can be very fun and entertaining.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to help out Jessi Adams take pictures of a Grass Roots Racing Adventure Race. I have done one of these before and it is incredibly challenging and fun. This specific race was the WAR 24 which took place in Warren, PA and lasted 24 hours… The brave competitors ran/orienteered, biked, and canoed for a total of 100 miles!!!

Jessi was hired to take pictures of the event and I was there to help and take a few pictures of my own. After talking with the head of GRR, Frank, I decided to use my Canon 7D for the real reason I bought it; to make some sweet looking videos. I ended up getting some really cool shots and looks like a great start to a hopeful bigger project. I used my Sigma 30mm lens and would not be able to keep at a 1.4 f-stop if it wasn’t for my Light Craft Workshop Fader ND. The pictures shown used the same setup.

This was a crazy event to shoot and I am looking forward to another chance to work with GRR.

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