Launch of Tokina Vista Primes

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Launch of Tokina Vista Primes

With NAB only a few weeks away I’m excited to share a project I’ve been working on for a few weeks and that has been in talks for months. 

I was contacted by Ryan Avery of Tokina Cinema USA to produce a short film using the new line of Tokina Cinema Vista Primes. The purpose was to showcase these lenses in different environments and it will be shown at NAB. There’s going to be a screening party Sunday night (contact me for all the info) and will also be played on loop at the booth all week.

My piece was 1 of 4 being shown and I’m very humbled to be among Phil Holland, Phil Arntz and Sean Davis. Escape, was created by myself and director Brett Wagner. Brett took the reigns as writer, director and editor. It was a fun project where we got to shoot in very different settings while also using my favorite gear. Hope you all enjoy what we’ve done. *Spoiler Alert* There’s going to be more of these 🙂


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