Learning From Shane Hurlbut

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Learning From Shane Hurlbut

In my last ‘Learning From’ post I talked about learning from Wally Pfsiter via interviews and watching his work. With social media, there’s a chance to connect with people all over the country (and the world) and learn from them. Someone I’ve learned a lot from is Shane Hurlbut, ASC. He does a great job of sharing information and giving back to the community.


Shane Hurlbut is one of the pioneering bloggers and information sharers. As far as professional cinematographers go, he is not only a reliable source but extremely passionate about teaching others. Just watching his work you can learn something. His blog is a site I visit daily due to the amount of quality information it contains and the detail he goes into. He is also very active on Twitter. Although I haven’t had the chance to meet him in person, I have been lucky enough to have a few conversations with him online and I am truly greatful. If you ever have the chance to go to an event where he is at, I would. Masters in Motion was a hit and everyone raved about how great of a job he did. I wasn’t able to go this year but hoping I get a chance next year.

I could go on all day about how great his blog is, but just see for yourself. He goes into amazing detail on how he lights scenes and the gear he uses and it is in a way that anyone can learn from. It is great to read a few posts and then apply it to your own project. For me, that is how the information sticks. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, there is something you will learn from his site. Lighting, cinematography and gear are all covered on his site which makes it even more kick ass.


As an ASC, Shane has shot some great movies. These are some of my favorites:

*Act of Valor
*Termination Salvation
*Semi Pro
*We Are Marshall
*The Skulls

He is currently working on the Need for Speed movie which looks amazing from the pictures he has been posting on Facebook.

I was shocked the first time he responded to a question I had on Twitter. Most times you don’t get a response from someone with so many followers. The one thing I have learned about Shane is how passionate he is about the filmmaking community. I asked him what inspires him and one of his responses was ‘young filmmakers.’ I couldn’t have thought of a better answer. He also recently helped me with my Demo Reel which was a huge help and meant a lot.


I suggest checking out his blog and you will soon see why his blog is worth reading everyday. I am hoping one day I can repay him. As I grow as a filmmaker my goal is to share my knowledge and help others in the field. Thanks again Shane and keep the information coming!

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