Lighting Up a Powerpoint

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Last week I was shooting a Hazmat Guru series for MetaMedia. The biggest challenge was attempting to light both speakers, Chris and Joe, while keeping the powerpoint visible. It took a while to get it the best we could and turned out alright. We used two Lowel 250W lights hanging from the ceiling and it seemed to do the job as long as our talent didn’t go out of the gaffer taped box. For a future shoot I would recommend a bigger conference room, not using a powerpoint, or masking screens in.

My 50mm lens worked out very well and I still can’t believe I got it used for $60. Didn’t need to use the 1.4 f/stop but it is nice to have for all my other shoots. If I remember correctly I shot at either a 4 or 5.6 f/stop to keep both talents and the powerpoint in focus.

I was mostly impressed by how well my audio turned out from my Azden shotgun mic that was supposed to be used only as a backup. My primary mic, a Sony lav, was hung from the ceiling to capture audio from both speakers. These two mics were recorded into my Zoom H4n which I recommend to anyone shooting with HDSLR’s. It is a great little device and simple to use. I am looking forward to using my Azden mic more especially with interviews. Look out for my next blog post where I will tell you some disadvantages to this mic.

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