Lindsey and Steve and The Coloring Process

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Lindsey and Steve and The Coloring Process

(Two part blog. Scroll to the *** to read about the coloring process)

I remember the first wedding I shot. I was nervous, stressed, and at the end of the day I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to shoot more. Well that didn’t last long. I did more, got better, learned a few things, and started having fun. A few weeks ago I shot a wedding that reminded me how much fun shooting a wedding can be.

I’ve known Lindsey since I was a freshman in high school and was honored that she wanted me to shoot her wedding. It was in a beautiful location right after the bay bridge on the water. Made for an awesome backdrop and added to the fun of the wedding. You will see in the video below just how easy going Lindsey and Steve are along with the bridal party. It was really something to be a part of, even had steak and crab cakes for dinner! You’ll notice in the video there is a little car burnout scene. This was a complete surprise to me but was pretty cool to see. Thanks again to Lindsey and Steve and congrats!

Since CS6 came out I have been working exclusively with it. Although it takes time to relearn and remaster a new editing suite, it has been well worth it. Faster, more powerful and just better, especially when dealing with HDSLR footage. The one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the coloring. Well thanks to Chip Dizard (his other site) who got me hooked on Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista, that all changed.

Red Giant Software is doing crazy things for post production. I got myself Looks and Colorista 2 and it has made a huge difference in my end product. The reason I am combining this with the above section is because the was the first project that I colored 100% with Magic Bullet. I did a combination of Colorista 2 and Looks.

The best way to describe Colorista 2 is a 3 way color corrector/grader on steroids, lots of steroids. Allows you to adjust a primary, secondary and master layer. What I like most is I can adjust it all within Premiere (or whatever program you are editing in). One can quickly change exposure, saturation, contrast and color. If you want to dive in deeper, adjust a secondary layer with a vignette and finish it with a master grade. It even allows you to adjust HSL which can add or take away certain colors. With some practice, this is real powerful.

Looks is just a monster. I will be putting a lot of my time into mastering this program. One of my favorite features is that you build it in an outside program but it automatically links to your clip in your timeline. Shortening or lengthening clips are done in Premiere even after making the grade in the Looks program. Time saver. It even has Colorista built in to make final tweaks. There is so much to looks that I am saving it for another post. I am working on doing a quick overview video/intro tutorial. Be on the lookout for that. If there’s anything you want me to specifically cover let me know!

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