Lite Panels Micro LED on Camera Light

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This is a one of two part post about the American Student Government Association (ASGA) National Conference. In this post I want to talk about the Litepanels Micro LED On-Camera Light. I rented it from Chris at Visual Edge Productions and it has a lot of good features but I’d look at other options before buying it.

It is so light I didn’t even notice a difference when mounted on my 7D shoulder mount. Two AA batteries is all I needed to power for a weekend shoot. It even came with a tungsten gel which matched the conference room color perfectly. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice much of a difference when it was on or off.

I was using my Sigma 17-50 so I was pretty close to groups that I was shooting but the Micro LED didn’t do much. If I got any close to my subject I would have hit them. Chris from Visual Edge explained both on camera lights they had and I decided to go with the smaller one. Figured for $274.90 this would be bright enough. Nope.

I am sure for certain situations it works but I couldn’t get any closer to my subjects and the room was poorly lit. I was already shooting at an ISO of 800 and had my iris at 3.2 so it was easier to focus on moving people. After my weekend with this light I would say hold off on getting it. For $274 there’s a lot of other stuff you could get for your camera.

Video from the conference will be posted soon.


  1. zerodtkjoe
    October 20, 2010

    Thanks for the info

  2. Garrett
    November 4, 2010

    It looks like you got the wrong light for the job. If your adding a fill light for an already lit room you need to bring some real horsepower.

    I own this light myself. It’s perfect for fill in dark spaces or for car scenes. You can’t beat it. Even as an eye light it’s great. To rate this product poorly is unfair. It seems to be that you got the wrong tool for the job.

    • admin
      November 4, 2010

      there were some rooms that weren’t lit at all and this light still didn’t seem to do the trick. I admitted that for certain situations this would work fine but not mine.

      Didn’t say it was bad, just not good for this kind of job. And for almost $300 I expected more. Do you have footage using the light? I’d love to see it in it’s prime.

      • Garrett
        November 4, 2010

        I have a short film I DPed that used them for the car scenes and it blended beautifully with city lights. It took only 5 minutes to set up too.


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