LiteGear LiteMat Review Part 2 – In the Field

LiteGear LiteMat Review Part 2 – In the Field

When I first got the LiteMats (1 and 2L) I was blown away by how well thought out they were. It was such a compact design that packed some punch. For me, they replaced Kinos. I was able to get the same quality punch in a kit that weighed a few lbs. After using them for a few months I am only liking them more and looking to purchase another set.

After a few days of having them I wrote a post on my initial thoughts. Since then I have been able to get them on a wide variety of projects and wanted to share my results with you.


What is so great about these lights are the weight… which is close to nothing. Not that you can’t rig hot lights or Kinos, but these you can do by yourself, safely. Below you will see my setup for a scene on a large conference table. We had actors on both sides and in order to give the director time to get the perfect performance, we needed a way to light each side without a huge re-light. I was able to quickly get the Litemats on speedrail via cardellini clamps and all of that was held by wheeled jr stands.

overhead rig

The results of this setup was the ability to capture a soft overhead look that was dramatic. Being able to dim each side made it so easy for us to perfect the ratios. The softbox option allowed us to control the light without adding flags and choose the right diffusion.


And on the otherside…



I have used the Litemats as a kino replacement. They are amazing for interviews, broll inside medium to small spaces and for product shots. The don’t have the throw of a fresnel or anywhere near the power of an HMI. However, these do match perfectly to the Jokers (I’m sure the match with Arri too but haven’t had an M8 or M18 with these yet).

While shooting some industrial spots, I was able to use the LiteMat 2L as a soft key with a driver and was such a nice soft and realistic look. The punch through the window was more impressive than I thought.

lighting truck

Adding both the lights on wheeled stands made them so adaptable and quicker to set up. When running around getting shots all over a warehouse, a heavier light on a c-stand would have limited our coverage.

Product shots were also great with these lights. Being able to arm them out to provide a 3/4 backlight was effortless. No more 35lb sandbags and a ratchet strap. The grid also helped us avoid light spill in the lens and on the backdrop.

brett photo

bts brett art


I’ve been in talks with LiteMat (who are all awesome people) and they are making some awesome upgrades to these lights including, cables, battery powered ballasts and more. Be sure to stay up to date with all their stuff on their Facebook Page.

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  1. Pablo
    June 11, 2016

    Hi thanks a lot for this review, i ‘d like to know the power truw between those lights compare to tungsten example litemat 1 about 650wtt litemat 2L 1k watt


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