Making a Custom Movi Pro Case

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Making a Custom Movi Pro Case

With the all new Movi Pro comes the need for a case to stash all the fun gear that goes with it. There are a few pre-made options out there that offer a very secure and safe design when traveling with the Movi. However, I didn’t like the size nor the pricing of these cases. Additionally, the Movi Pro ships with custom foam so half the work (and cost) is already done for you. Here’s how I made my case.

Determining What I Needed

This probably took the longest. Measuring the foam that came with the Movi Pro, and laying out all the accessories I have got me in the range of the right size. I also determined that fitting the ring into a case wasn’t worth the extra size and cost associated with it. For me, I needed something to safely put everything (but the ring) in one case when driving and flying. I thought about doing 2 cases but realized that would be a pain and once onset, my kit lives on a camera cart.

Think about the way you work. Do you have camera carts onset? Do you build cameras at your car and haul the rest in? Are you a 1 man band or work on a full crew? This will help determine the best case for your needs.

pelican 1650

Once I had everything laid out and new the general size, I began looking at what Pelican Cases had to offer. There are some good cases out there but I’ve had Pelicans since I started in this business and don’t plan on getting anything else. I found the Pelican 1650 to be the perfect fit for the Movi pro, 6 batteries, 3 chargers and more with room to grow.

The Layout

Once I put the pre-cut foam for the Movi in, I was limited to my options but this is a good thing. Made my job easier. The extra batteries are shipped in a nice foam so I wanted to use those as well. Anything to keep everything super tight is best. Below is the layout.

movi case 1

movi case 3


movi case 2


The Process

So after taking out all the foam from the Pelican, I got the Movi Precut in there and to my surprise, it was a perfect fit! The empty space was filled with a block of the pick n pluck foam. That foam cube was then plucked to fit 4 additional batteries, a charger, ninja star with toad, toad on a stick, mimic, and the camera mounting plates. Cables were thrown into a LiteGear bag [gotta love NAB swag]. Taking the foam from the mimic handles, a custom piece was cut to lay on top of the accessories which allowed the handles to safely rest on top. The top layer of foam secured everything tightly. And that’s it!

Hope this helps any of you looking for a case. Happy to answer any questions!

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