Media Buying Now Available

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Media Buying Now Available

So you spend money on a great video that you love but after posting on your social media channels it only reaches clients that already follow you. You then spend money on boosting your Facebook page but only get a few likes out of it. What you can you do to reach a bigger, new, audience? How about advertising on television or on the largest websites such as Fox News? I am happy to announce that I can now offer those services directly to you.

I have partnered up with 323 Productions and are now able to sell our clients air time to 60 different networks in a wide range locations surrounding the Pittsburgh area via the Comcast Network. What this means for you is that you can write one check, to one company, and get both a produced video along with distribution.

Pre Roll Ads

Pre Roll ads are an extremely efficient way to be seen by an extremely large, targeted audience. These are the ads you see before watching videos on Youtube, news sites, entertainment sites, and more. Another great feature is that we can instantly re-target the distribution based on where you are receiving most of your hits. For example: Lets say we do a 3 month ad campaign on both Youtube and news channels. We notice after the first month that all your clicks come from the news channels and non from Youtube. Well, we take the time off Youtube and put it all into the New Channels so you get the most from your money. What’s even better? You only get charged when someone clicks your ad. How do you beat that type of advertising.

Televised Spots

A huge advantage of having us take care of your distribution is there is no middle man. You don’t have to worry about if it is broadcast ready because that is how we will shoot it. No more emailing multiple companies to get one answer and make the needed changes. We take care of all of that for you. If this is a time sensitive ad and need it out ASAP, no problem! We are able to offer a net 30 so you can get the commercial out today, and pay us within 30 days.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about the distribution services we offer, please contact me directly at or call me at 301-717-7065. I will be happy to discuss all your needs and how we can best accommodate them.

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