About Rob:
The first thing you should know is I don’t like talking in the third person. I am a passionate filmmaker and enjoy the creative freedom that filmmaking gives me. My favorite part of video production is traveling and meeting new people. Hearing other peoples stories in inspiring and is what keeps me going in this field. Gear is something I obsess over because of how it can help tell a story and get a shot that otherwise would be impossible.

As an individual, I am available for hire as a Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Assistant Camera, Data Manager, and editor.

On a personal level, I married my college sweetheart in July of 2013. We have an Australian Cattle Dog that I constantly use for testing new gear. I enjoy all types of food but a good steak on the grill is my favorite. I enjoy craft beer, hockey and the great outdoors. When I am not filming I am most likely spending time with family or traveling. Anything else you want to know feel free to ask!

about team - rob ruscher

About Andy:

I started out with photography which gives me a unique perspective in terms of angles and composition. I am always researching the newest gear and trying out new techniques to better myself and the videos we produce. I earned a masters in adult education and communications technology. My favorite part of shooting weddings is capturing the groom and groomsmen before the ceremony. Meeting so many new people at once is something that drives me (and Rob).

As an individual, I am available for hire as a Production Assistant, Gaffer, Assistant Camera, and assistant editor.

Landscape photography and producing timelapses is something I really enjoy. It’s a lot of fun exploring new places for a great spot to do this and I travel every chance I get. I like nothing more than sitting outside with good friends enjoying good beer and good food.


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