NAB 2017

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NAB 2017

Recap of my presentations at NAB 2017 as well as some of the things that caught my eye

NAB 2017 was truly my favorite and it wasn’t because of the gear. This year was filled with amazing people and I am so lucky to be surrounded by them. Whether it’s fellow shooter, manufacturers, engineers or company owners, meeting them makes NAB worth it.

This year started with a screening party at the Westgate hotel where 4 short films were shown showcasing the all new Tokina Cinema Vista Primes. I am proud to be have shot one of the 4 films shown (click here for more on that project). Alongside me was Phil Arntz with his film Osterich, Phil Holland with his film Dispatcher and Sean Davis with his film Martini’s Girl’s and Guns.

In addition to that I had 2 presentations at the Story and Heart booth and panel discussion on the Teradek Live show. Unfortunately the presentations weren’t recorded but rumor has it there will be more in the future :). My first was on moving to new markets and expanding your client base which had a ton of interest and some great questions. The second presentation was more hands on and gritty. We went through camera prep and into prepping a MoVI all the way to final balance and shooting. What was so cool about this is all the companies that were willing to donate gear for the 2 hours I needed it. Big thanks to Kessler Crane, Veydra, Innovativ Carts, Ready Rig, Cinemilled and Bright Tangerine.


The Teradek Live Show was recorded so click below if you want to check it out


Great times this year and looking forward to next year!

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