New Podcast!

New Podcast!

Very excited to announce I am starting my own podcast show, the Cinematographer’s Insight Podcast. We have a great lineup for season 1 and cover a wide range of topics. What started out as some chats while at NAB has turned into a podcast sponsored by industry leaders and supported by fellow filmmakers worldwide.

Cinematographer’s Insight Podcast

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Every episode will be posted on the official CIP site along with other updates and news related to the show. Be sure to subscribe to get notified when each new episode becomes available.

Once we release the first show, each episode will be released on the 15th and 30th of every month. This will span 10 episodes for season 1. But don’t worry, we are already working on season 2.

I want to thank Kessler Crane, Rode Microphones and Magnanimous Rentals for their support of the show and willingness to help. I am grateful for the enthusiasm these three companies have had towards this show even before we have launched a single episode.

I really hope you all enjoy what we are doing. Feel free to contact me with questions and people you’d like to have on the show.

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