As a huge hockey fan, having the opportunity to shoot a Penguins commercial ranks among one of my favorite projects. Initially, I was brought on as the camera operator under DP Jeff Garton. I worked closely with him on our lighting setup and camera positioning. However, on the day of the shoot Garton got sick with food poisoning from the night before. After a few practice shots, he had to leave and left me in charge. Luckily I was prepared and talked through the project a few times with director Bill Moore!

The video was a way to show the progression of a hockey player from first time skating, to being in the NHL. It was a great concept pitched by the Penguins Marketing team and we had a blast shooting it.

pens shoot


Producing Company – Wrecking Crew Media
Director and Editor – Bill Moore
Director of Photography – Jeff Garton and Rob Ruscher
1st AC – Tyson VanSkiver
Electrician – Chris ‘Woodstock’ Luger

Tech Specs

Red Epic Dragon
Canon CNE Primes
Easy Rig
Custom Hockey Sled