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I spent a couple days this week in Conneticut with Dave Ogden for a MetaMedia shoot. I was equipped with my 7D, Indirailsystem Railspro, Zacuto z-finder, Sigma 30mm, Nikkor 85mm, Zoom h4n, and a Sony lav mic. We rented a Nikkor 135mm, Canon 16-35mm L, and panasonic monitor kit from Visual Edge. Video and audio were recorded with SanDisk cards. Until one of them fails me, I won’t use anything else.  Everything was transported using Pelican cases (minus the rig which was in a duffle bag). I can’t emphasize how awesome these cases are. Definitely worth the extra money.

Dave and I took the train out of BWI and arrived at our destination 5 hours later. Not a bad trip, but Dave failed to mention the car rental was a half mile away from the station. And I was cartless! That was the worst half mile I have ever walked but at least I got a great workout.

We got a nice hotel and each of our rooms had a fridge… Always good for business trips. We went to a bar next door and I swear it looked like a scene from the Godfather. Dimmly lit, men in suites, old school furniture and paintings. Wish I took pictures but I was too scared.

So on to the shoot. This was a MetaMedia shoot so I can’t give many details about it. The z-finder worked amazing like usual in the outdoor conditions. And I still love my indisystem. I have 0 complaints thus far. My new Nikon 85mm seemed to get some of the best shots. With the 1.6 crop of the 7D it worked as a perfect portrait lens. This was paired with a lightcraft workshop fader ND and again gave me beautiful results. My next fader ND will definitely be from LCW. If I’m able to get any more pictures or even video I will post it. Look for the nikon 85mm test video coming soon.


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  2. Matti
    August 31, 2015

    Hey Marc. It’s working quite well acultaly. I shot a video in 1080p that I have been trying to export and upload, but my computer keeps running out of memory. I should hopefully have it up on the blog in a day or two.


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