smallhd DP6 Follow Up

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When I wrote my last post on the smallhd DP6 I never expected to get such a wide range of feedback. I should have gone into more detail about the pros and cons, every piece of equipment has them, but I like to keep my posts short and easy to read. Some people liked what I had to say while others thought I was saying the DP6 was ‘crap’. Please go back and read the post.

The first half of the post was how much I liked the monitor; its features and the custom made accessories. The resolution of the monitor and even the color accuracy was on point. The only thing I did not like was the focus assist. Does this make it a crappy monitor?


All it means is that I did not like the focus assist and $900 is a lot to spend on something I don’t love. I should have said more than the focus assist was crap. What I meant by that is that it wasn’t up to par with everything else. It was difficult to use and I didn’t like it. Does that mean no one will like it? No. This views are my own and based only on my experiences. I don’t enjoy reading product reviews in which there are only good things said and they think it is the greatest thing in the world. I want my reviews to be accurate and reliable.

But I must say I am glad I said what I said. Even smallhd messaged me directly on twitter saying there will be a new firmware update. I am really impressed that they take that much care in their product and customers (they even pointed out there is a peaking function that helps with focusing). The fact the monitor can be upgraded and smallhd is listening to make needed upgrades makes this an amazing monitor. Worth the extra money but if you don’t have 400 more dollars then it doesn’t matter how great this monitor is.

My final words: This monitor is not crap. It is amazing. I don’t like the focus assist. The difference of $516 to $899 (HDMIonly) to $1,299 (HDMI and HD-SDI) is huge for me especially since I’d still have to buy an articulating arm, sun hood, batteries and a case. My views and opinions are my own and do reflect on anyone else.


  1. Reed
    October 25, 2010

    The DP6 Focus Assist feature is very different. It is also our initial implementation. The good news is that with Firmware upgradability, we can improve as we receive feedback. Just curious, do you like Marshall’s peaking implementation? Do you find it accurate?


    • admin
      October 25, 2010

      That is a really great feature that the monitor’s features can be upgraded with firmware. I have not used the Marshall monitor just yet. I was just going off of video and screen shots I have seen. I have heard good things though. I was impressed by the resolution of your monitor. Was able to pull focus even with out the focus assist.

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