Soundscape Promo

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Soundscape Promo

What I love most about being a freelance director of photography is traveling to new places and attending events I would usually not attend. On Thursday I got a call from an old friend asking if I could come by to shoot him and his drummer at a bar. Seeing as the only other thing I would be doing is playing Xbox, I grabbed one of my roommates and we were off to a local bar.

Kyle, from Soundscape is a passionate DJ with a vision. He is accompanied by his drummer Chris and really know how to get a party going. Chris is a very talented drummer and Kyle had some killer mixes. If you have the chance to check these guys out live, I would.

I started getting my gear together at home and I realized that I would not have the space to use a monitor and full shoulder mount. I stripped my set up down to a body, two lenses (30mm 1.4 and 17-50 2.8), Z-finder, and side hand grip to add stabilization. Getting through the crowd and around equipment would be difficult and I wanted to be as compact and quick as possible.

I wish I had more time to tap into the sound board to get a high quality soundtrack. The sound was just recorded through camera and as you will hear in the video, doesn’t sound great. The purpose of the video was a test to see if this would help with promoting Soundscape. For the next event, I will tap into the sound board with the H4n and sync that with the performance. I am happy with the shots I got and feel that the speed of the video works and makes it interesting.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Chris (from Soundscape)
    March 2, 2011

    Thanks so much for this, Rob!! We’re having a blast putting on these shows and you got some great shots!! Can’t wait to have you back out. Don’t be a stranger. ~ Chris

    • Rob Ruscher
      March 3, 2011

      Thanks Chris it was a lot of fun being there. I will definitely be back for another show


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