Soundshape Promo – Another Teaser for Impact

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Soundshape Promo – Another Teaser for Impact

A while back I posted a teaser for the mini doc Impact. While following Kyle around we got to see him teach an amazing event called Sound Shape. Wasn’t sure what to expect but glad we were there to capture him in his moment.

To capture everything going on we had myself, Chris Jurchak and Andy Morris operating DSLRs handheld. We needed to move throughout a basketball gym and stay as compact as possible. Andy also had the great idea of putting his GoPro on one of the basketball hoops (centered on the backboard to be exact). With the phone app we were able to go from timelapse and real time video without ever touching the camera. Pretty cool. You can check out a screen shot of the view below.

gopro 640

Camera Package

Although the principal photography and interviews were done on the Red Scarlet, we decided to go with 3 DSLRs. Although the Red can be stripped down, it can’t get as light weight and as small as a DSLR. Here’s a few factors that made me choose the DSLR (in order):

  • Budget
  • Wanted Multiple Cameras
  • Size and Weight
  • Recorded File Sizes
  • Low Light Capabilites
  • As much as I’d love to have a Red or even the FS700 to get some slow motion, our budget didn’t allow it. It still impresses me what these DSLRs can do and how easy they are to shoot with. What makes the cameras work so well in low light is the ability to shoot on prime lenses that shoot at a f/1.4. Seeing as it is 2014, this is not a big deal anymore. But before this whole DSLR revolution, there was no such thing as getting clean low light footage at such an affordable price.


    Like I said earlier this is another teaser for the mini doc Impact. You can see the first teaser here. Impact is the inspiring story of a young MMA fighter, Kyle Sefcik, who found motivation in failures. From rejection to a mass following his ambition and ability to fight for what he believes could impact the world.

    Soundshape is a perfect example on how Kyle has an impact on his community. There was a high school gym full of people of all ages and were able to get an inspiring workout for free. It was amazing to see someone my age be able to put something like that together on his own and do it for the reasons he does it.

    low angle of crowd 640

    Be sure to keep an eye out for Impact which will be released soon.

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