The Guys at Jag35

Shouldn’t the company you buy your camera equipment from be just as passionate about it as you? How about a company that builds their products on a small budget that all of us are familiar with? The budget that you walk around your room to try to find anything you can sell on craigslist so you can buy some more gear. Say hello to Jag35. (
I had the pleasure to talk with Misa Garcia, brother of founder Jehu Garcia, via their live chat on Misa was more than happy to talk about their products and answer all of my questions, and I had a lot of questions. It was easy to see how much they enjoy making and testing their gear.
An up and coming company has been making huge strides with their innovative “cage” design. It implements a very unique but yet simple way to connect rods, monitors, handles and a follow focus. The bare cage sells for only $149.00. That is an amazing price compared to what other brands sell for. You can expand the Cage with some add ons as well to turn into a full handheld rig.

I am putting together my order which will include the Jag 35 monitor, monitor battery, ballhead mount, and cage bundle. Misa did fill me in on the fact that an articulating arm is in production and I will be sure to get that when it comes out.
When I receive my order I will post a review and some video using their products. Looking forward to trying out/playing all this new gear!

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