What’s Cool: ikan Handheld Rig

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What’s Cool: ikan Handheld Rig

Finding a good handheld rig that fits your budget and will last is not an easy task. With all the new cameras coming out, it is a good idea to find one that is will work with different platforms and easy to add on to. Being able to use the rig on a tripod is also a huge plus.


I’ve been able to use the Flyweight DSLR Shoulder Rig from ikan for a few weeks and it is a solid rig. Not only is it solid, but the rig is comfortable to shoot on all day. Other than the DSLR baseplate, the handles are my favorite part. A comfortable grip, well made, and even has a female 1/4 20” thread which is perfect for an articulating arm. I’ve been using it to attach a monitor and it works great. With a lot of one-man-band shoots, you can never have enough places to attach more gear. I also like how easy it is to strip down and make smaller when you need to be more discrete or just want rails on a tripod.


The shoulder pad is different and doesn’t look like anything I have seen, but it works. At first, it even felt odd but the results and comfort were great. The rig is also very easy to customize. Handles move in all types of positions, shoulder rig moves back and forth, and the DSLR baseplate can be moved up, down, left and right.


The rear of the shoulder pad has two attached cheese plates which is genius in my opinion. Ikan ships with a weight bag and adapter to mount, but I’ve attached batteries and even the Zoom H4n to it. Great for a counterweight and doesn’t take up room by the camera. The shoulder pad’s rail mount is a little tough to take on and off but I like how secure it is once attached.


What I like most about this rig, is I don’t need another one. I can add parts for different cameras or to make a more compact set up. A great example of this is when I was on a shoot in Pittsburgh last week. I had the rig setup for the 7D to do BTS and then we wanted to through the Sony F3 on rods for a tripod setup. By simply putting the EV2 Baseplate on and threading two thumb screws into the F3, we just turned the DSLR rig into an F3 studio rig. I have a small set of rods (I think 6”) that work great for a 7D tripod rig. I throw on a follow focus and handles which I attach a monitor to.

Overall this is a great rig to build on and at a great starting price.

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