The Most Amazing Race

The Most Amazing Race

Jessi and I the night before the race

I’ve real busy with a lot of projects but this one has been one of the coolest that I have been a part of. The Salvation Army and Grass Roots Racing teamed up to bring us The Most Amazing Race. It took place in downtown Pittsburgh and had several people and companies donate their time to make this happen.

The single event raised over $50,000 to benefit the efforts of the Salvation Army. Teams had to raise a certain amount to compete and I saw nothing but smiles from them during the race. There were 47 teams and the teams were of 2. Mothers and daughters, friends, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend and co workers all formed teams.

The event itself consisted of running through Pittsburgh and had 17 check points in which they had a very unique challenge. Getting a coin out of an ice block, eating a huge sandwich with no hands, guessing the amount of fish in a tank, kicking a field goal, performing a broadway routine, and kayaking were just some of these challenges. You can check out and for more information on The Salvation Army and Grass Roots Racing.

Picture by Jessi Adams

You can see all the pictures Jessi took of the race here

As for the technical part of my shoot I stuck with the Sigma 17-50 paired with the Light Craft Workshop Fader ND. There were about 3 clouds in the sky so that ND really came in handy. The z-finder was also a must have. Audio was recorded in my zoom H4n from my Azden SGM 1X shotgun. Plural eyes did all the syncing in post while I watched Entourage… if you don’t have Plural Eyes and your shooting video with an HDSLR, GET IT.

Final Version of the Most Amazing Race

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