The One Man Band

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The One Man Band

It’s not easy going from working in a production crew to working as a one man band. You get used to having multiple onset helping to get the job done and a trusted eye to look at a monitor with. But when it comes to the projects where you are flying solo, these are a few tips that should help you out.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is organization. Keep your notes, gear, and media organized. No matter what type of shoot it is, having everything organized will keep things moving and moving smoothly.


For interviews follow this steps

  • Lock down shooting location for each interview
  • Verify times for start of interview
  • Build A camera and find the best spot
  • Begin lighting
  • Build B camera and find its ideal location
  • Set up audio and check levels
  • Have talent sit (or stand) in designated spot
  • Check picture profiles and format media
  • Double check framing and focus
  • Check audio levels
  • Spin on all recording devices
  • Action


For broll I recommend taking only one camera and 2-3 lenses. Make sure you have plenty of media and batteries. Here’s my list for shooting broll as a one man band.

  • Go over shot list and plan order of shots
  • Build camera
  • Check picture profiles and format media
  • Check framing and focus
  • Spin
  • Action



As you can see a broll shoot is much more manageable than an interview. There is less to worry about (especially audio) and requires less equipment. If you get asked to do interviews on your own, see if you can get the client to pay for a production assistant or find an intern to bring with you. If not, just stay calm and be confident in your abilities. I wouldn’t worry about shooting with multiple cameras and if you have to, concentrate mostly on your A camera. Good luck!!!

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