The Power of Taking a Break

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It is so easy to get caught up in your work, especially if you love what you do. Although it seems like fun and not work, it is very beneficial to take a break from it all every now and then. Taking yourself away just for a couple days or even a week can really help clear your head and keep you motivated.

Last week I was able to take a week off from Christmas and through New Years. Minus a few emails and submitting a video for the Canon Filmmakers Live Contest, I was work free and it felt great. I spent the time with family, my girlfriend and friends. I took my camera every where I went (you never know what may happen) but didn’t use it once. I don’t think I even opened up any of my cases. Talking of anything but work, money and schedules was great. When I went snowboarding and four wheeling I was tempted to put my rig together but it was nice to just enjoy the activity and not shoot it. I even went to the movies and tried my hardest to concentrate on the story and not how everything was framed or lit. I wasn’t too successful on that; baby steps. For those that want to know, I saw The Fighter and it was amazing. Worth the ticket price to see it now.

I noticed by the end of the week I was itching to read my favorite blog posts and see how many game changers came out. I had a motivational spike and think that is huge for the new year. I am also moving into a new apartment next week and looking forward to setting up my new office. I still love what I do and this week long break has only sparked more motivation. I have been reading more than usual on hdslr, searching more actively for freelance, and even working on ideas for a new narrative.

Taking a break from your work can be very powerful and beneficial. I was fortunate enough to have PTO built up and decided that a break was financially ok. If you have the chance to take a break do it. Be sure to do anything that you don’t do everyday. Happy New Year to you all and good luck in 2011!!!


  1. Jeff
    January 3, 2011

    Seems like you have the mindset, motivation, and drive of someone who will be very successful. Good work man!

    • Rob Ruscher
      January 3, 2011

      Thanks Jeff! Best of luck to you!


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