The Power of Twitter

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The Power of Twitter

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a post. So where have I been and how come I haven’t been posting videos? I decided it was time to get away from 100% freelance and get a full time production job (again). It is a company that is new to video production and I am still trying to get permission to post the videos I have been working on. How’s that going? Notice that there is no video in this post :(.

I work now for an online education company and have been learning a lot. I only have one person to answer to and on most projects I’m on my own and doing what I feel is best. A great transition from freelance to M-F. It helps to be surrounded by cool people that I enjoy seeing everyday. I still manage to keep up with freelance work on the weekends and will have some really cool stuff to show at the end of the month. Along with that I have some more weddings lined up that I will be shooting in the next month. That’s all I want to go on about what I’ve been doing for now (don’t want to bore you). I wanted to write this post for another reason.

Twitter is a great way to share ideas, meet people, and learn. But there is another thing that I have recently learned about Twitter. You can easily keep in touch with friends and stay current with people you have worked with even if you moved 6 hours away. I am still able to get work back in DC and branch out to new opportunities to where I am now. I don’t plan on being here forever and DC will always be my favorite city. Because of Twitter, it is much easier to keep up on opportunities and not get lost in the crowd. I believe so much in Twitter that I am working with people to give my new job a social media presence.

I will continue to push to put up my newest work and hopefully that happens soon. Thanks for all the support and encouragement many of you have given me.

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