Camera Operator on Chapman Dolly

Camera Operator on Chapman Dolly

Rob Ruscher
I am based in Pittsburgh, PA and work as a Producer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Gaffer, Grip and Editor. My specialty lies in camera movement and lighting with a style that has a natural look to it while still cinematic.

Being on set is my passion. No matter my role, I bring that enthusiasm to every project. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new ways to light, and making beautiful images appear on the director’s monitor. I am hard working, driven, and enthusiastic about everything related to video production.

You can see what I am up to by checking out my Twitter and Instagram.

Rob Ruscher on the set of Impact

Ruscher Visuals
I started Ruscher Visuals so I could do more freelance work and work on the projects that really inspire me. This turned into something more and allowed me to leave my full time job and start my own company.

Along with working as an individual crew member, I also have the capabilities of doing full productions with my network of talented directors, camera operators, editors, motionographers and colorists.

Plain and simple, I love video production and will bring that passion to every project.