Tilta Handheld Rig Review

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Tilta Handheld Rig Review

This is the Tilta Rig we have been using for the FS700. Ryan Aivalis from Ikan got us hooked up with a really sweet set up. We had a few projects that came up that were handheld all day. I knew I needed something comfortable, well built, and customizable. The Tilta rig delivered on all of that.

Take a look at the full blog post here:http://www.522productions.com/video-r…

Overall this is a great rig and can be used in all types of projects needing handheld work. Due to it’s size and appearance, I wouldn’t recommend using this at locations you don’t have permission to shoot at. It does attract attention. For anyone looking for a handheld rig that will last, is comfortable and is built for their specific camera, I suggest checking out the Tilta Rigs. If you are in North America, you can purchase Tilta gear at www.ikancorp.com.

The footage of the guy dunking is part of a mini documentary called Five Five. You can find out more on that herehttp://fivefivedocumentary.com/

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