Two Political Spots in One Day

Two Political Spots in One Day

A few weeks back I got a call from Dave Ogden about a project he was hired on. It was for two political spots to be aired nationally. Figured it would be a simple lock off interview style with some b-roll. The next thing I remember is Dave asking if I could rent a slider and get a second shooter. Game time!

When I had the chance to get a second shooter I knew exactly who I wanted. Bryan Tosh. Not only is he a dependable shooter with a lot of DSLR knowledge, but he is a great guy. Fun to work with, optimistic and hard working. Thanks again for your help Bryan.

Now back to the shoot. Dave had a really good vision and even better ideas to make this a solid political commercial that had a cinematic look and feel. I was testing the slider (The Shot Shifter rented by Visual Edge) and different color profiles all day on Saturday to better support Dave’s efforts. The slider worked out great. It really added to the production value. A simple pan can’t produce the same effect as a slider especially when the subject is standing still. The three of us kept a great pace and everything was going smoothly. I could tell Dave did his homework because each spot we got to he had a general idea of what he wanted to see. I got the lens I thought would work best framed a shot and we tweaked as necessary.

Bryan got the locked off shots with use of my Nikon 85 which produced some great shots. I even used it on one of the slider shots and loved what I got with it. We swapped between the Nikon 85mm 1.8, Sigma 30mm 1.4, and the Sigma 17-50mm 2.8. Nothing compares to a prime lens. The zoom is good to easily change focal lengths and does a good job. How different is a prime versus zoom? Lets just say by my next shoot I will most likely have a 50mm prime (looking at Zeiss for you gear heads out there). When it comes to live event a zoom lens is an amazing tool but always shoot with primes if you can.

I mentioned on Saturday along with practicing with the slider I was also messing with color profiles. I tried a lot of combinations (in camera) and ended up with the one I have been shooting as the best. I got this originally from Vincent Laforet but added Shane Hurbult to it. Going down the options this is the color profile: 0 (all the way down), -2, -2, and 0. Instead of shooting sRGB I have switched to Adobe RGB. Does wonders with skin tones. You won’t notice until you bring it into final cut pro and edit them. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself. That’s what is so great about these cameras. You can make it YOURS. Customize it for what YOU shoot. I love people that talk about DSLR ‘killers’. You’ll need to do more than make a better camera. Stay tuned for a continuation on this.

Here are the videos! Directed and Edited by Dave Ogden. I was primary camera and Bryan took over as secondary. A solid team that put two solid commercials together.

Young Voters Recruiting PSA

Equal Rights For All PSA

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