What’s Cool – The Ikan iLED-One Light

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What’s Cool – The Ikan iLED-One Light

I usually test out new gear a few times before using it on a paid gig but on my last shoot I had to break that rule. I was shooting some shop safety videos for MetaMedia and had the Ikan ID 500 LED light which does a great job but with all the shadows and sharp edges of a sheet metal factory, I needed some extra fill in certain places.

The Ikan iLED-One did an amazing job of getting extra light into the tools, machines, and hands of the worker. I was a little worried that the tungsten bulb wouldn’t play nice with the daylight balanced ID 500, but I was wrong. It added a nice golden punch and looked great. Having the set up that Ikan put together made for some pretty awesome options. I connected the light to my tripod, light stands, cables, tools, benches and pipes. Pretty cool right?

So what’s cool? The flexibility and output of this light are very cool. Will test as a fill light soon and update this post. The articulating arm allows the user to easily point the light exactly where they want it quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get another one along with the other available bulbs. Check out more at http://ikancorp.com


  1. Paul
    December 29, 2011


    Where Ikan loses my respect completely is their up-charge for the so-called “power supply,” which is basically just a set of terminal contacts for a standard battery — NOT included:


    $69 for a $1 part (mass produced) is supreme trickery and offensively tasteless. And check out this $99 articulating arm, at about a 400% mark-up (straight from China):


    • Rob Ruscher
      December 29, 2011

      Not sure why you put power supply in quotes. It supplies the power to the light and makes it portable vs having to plug it in. Not that bad of a price and why would they include that seeing as there are so many options to power this light? I think it makes perfect sense via marketing and business.

      A good articulating arm is worth spending the extra money. I have anywhere from 1-5 shoots a week. That arm gets tightened, loosened, and removed various times throughout the day and it isn’t something I want to replace every month. I’ve had an Ikan one for 2 years and it still works fine. The Zacuto arms are even more and you have to get more parts to attach them to your rig.

      To me, Ikan has very competitive pricing and more importantly, their products and customer service do better than their pricing. If one of these products straight from China broke, you think they’d replace it for free?

      • Paul
        December 30, 2011

        Ikan actually private-labels from Chinese manufacturers and you can usually find the exact same originals for 1/2 or 1/4 the pricing.

        Yes, cost isn’t everything when you’re serious about your work, but ripoffs are ripoffs and sunlight is the best disinfectant.

        Again, the “power supply” is just a set of battery terminal contacts for $69. The battery is the power supply — not included.

        And the exact same articulating arm is about $25 from its original manufacturer. Ikan thinks that slapping their label onto it justifies the additional $75 charge.


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