Where Are You Bobby Browning? – My Next Feature Film

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Where Are You Bobby Browning? – My Next Feature Film

Very excited to announce that I will be shooting my next feature this October! What is especially exciting is that the crew will be mostly the same as Crossing Streets, including director Marc Hutchins. It is a great script, with a solid cast and I am honored to be chosen as the Director of Photography.

The Story

As most of you in the industry know, I can’t give away too much just yet. In a nutshell, a 20 something female realizes she is about to marry the wrong guy, isn’t in the career she should be in, and decides to go to her small hometown to find the man she should be with. Think Sweet Home Alabama but with a few bizarre scenes. It’s funny, charming, and heart felt.

Didn’t see myself shooting a romantic comedy, but I love the character development the writers achieved and the passion the Marc brings to the set. I found myself laughing when reading the script and really rooting for the female lead. I knew right then that it would be a huge mistake not to take this film on.

The Gear

We will be shooting this film on the Red Scarlet as we did for Crossing Streets. Although I’d love to be shooting on the Epic or even Epic Dragon, I agree with the director on the talent being more important than the camera. It’s all about the story and getting the right people to deliver the story.

We have a 12′ (or maybe 14′) grip truck with everything I need to light a wide range of scenes we will be shooting. My first task for the grips during pre production is to take everything out of the truck and reorganize the way they see fit. After the Shane Hurlbut Illumination Experience, I have a whole new outlook on lighting and excited to get going.


I waited on this post until I was able to release talent information (actually sitting here in my room before the final day of pre production writing this). Where Are You Bobby Browning will be staring Cassi Thomson, Matt Dallas, Samantha Cope and Jen Lilley. Very excited to work with such a talented and dedicated cast.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.28.35 AM

Coming Soon…

Very excited to share what I can on this film as we are shooting it. Be sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram for BTS pictures. The best source for all of that plus news releases is the Official WAYBB Facebook Page. Beyond that I will be doing my best to post a few blogs on specific scenes I lit. Everything from the location scout to the final image. Thanks for reading!

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