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  • Good Times – Paul Luc Music Video

    Project Overview This is a music video for Paul Luc and his song Good Times. Director Brett Wagner wanted a vintage look for this and for it to be black and white. I’ve never done an all B&W shoot so I was especially excited for it. We spoke for days about mood boards, shots, style and overall feel for this project. It seemed as though all the creativity was done in pre production and left production for executing. We had our fair share of problems to solve but it was nice having a very thought out plan for each shooting […]

  • “Progression” – Pittsburgh Penguins

    Due to privacy issues I am not permitted to embed on my site. Please click here to view the spot Project Overview We were asked to shoot a video to be aired during the Pittsburgh Penguins games showing the evolution of a first time skater all the way up to Sidney Crosby. Our DP, Jeff Garton, built a custom sled that I rode on while two skaters pushed me backwards. This allowed our skaters to come towards me at full speed. I’m a huge hockey fan so this project definitely ranks up among my favorites. My Role I started off […]

  • “You Gave Me” – Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

    Project Overview Wrecking Crew Media was hired to produce and edit a commercial for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to highlight the lives they have changed and how they did so. It was really focused on the little things the hospital does for their patients and how huge of an impact it has on them. I feel they nailed it every way. My Role For this project I was hired as the camera operator. When we had both talent and camera moving (first shot and hockey shot), I hoped over to focus puller and our DP operated. It was an awesome […]